Interview - Metallica - het nieuwe album

Metallica gaf deze week een benefietconcert in Los Angeles. Vlak voor dit optreden had Rolling Stone Magazine een gesprek met James Hetfield, de frontman van de groep. Wij waren vooral geinteresseerd in info over het nieuwe album.

- Status : Het album is zo goed als afgewerkt, er is zelfs al een titel.
It’s got a title and we’re still playing with it to see if we like it. But I guess the album’s done. It’s still got to be mixed. All the singing, all the recording is pretty much done. And we’re pleased with it.

- Hoe klinkt het? Een moderne versie van Master of Puppets (hét referentiealbum) en een stuk beter dan St.Anger
The direction is embracing our past in the now. We know what we know. It’s hard to erase that. But to strip it down again, and get back to why we’re doing this? Why did we write songs that way? The template was Master of Puppets and the strength of that record. How can we do that now?
We feel this record is really good, especially after St. Anger. It was very one-dimensional and abusive to the listener. That was the anger coming out. And if you weren’t feeling that, it didn’t feel so good. But this one is a lot more moody. We a lot of things I think make a diverse and interesting record.

- Over producer Rick rubin : we hadden iemand nodig met frisse ideeën.
It was time to get a fresh set of ears. Bob Rock has done amazing stuff with us. It got a little comfortable. Maybe the fire wasn’t there as much, in our viewpoint. Bob is a great person, a great friend. I feel extremely safe and comfortable with him, and maybe that wasn’t what we needed to feel on this. We needed to argue a bit. We needed to get shaken up a little bit. That’s what the mission was.

Afwachten tot we de eerste nummers te horen krijgen.

Meer Metallica, klik hier.

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