Playlist 20 - "Grand ole party" playlist

Louis XIV – Ball Of Twine (Album Version) 
The Kills – Wait
Land Of Talk – Magnetic Hill 
The Bird and the Bee – My Fair Lady 
The Willowz – Making Certain 
Yeasayer – No Need to Worry 
Robbers on High Street – Married Young 
Cold War Kids – Pregnant 
Anya Marina – Miss Halfway 
The Brunettes – Polyester Meets Acetate 
The Blow – True Affection 
The Black Keys – Set You Free 
Johnathan Rice – Giving It Up 
Tilly and the Wall – Bad Education 
All Girl Summer Fun Band – Grizzly Bear 
Giant Drag – YFLMD 
Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot In Herre
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts

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